6mm Cold War Model Review

This page lists links to blog posts featuring photos of 1/285, 1/300, 5mm, and 6mm Cold War models from various manufacturers.   For the time being, I am going to link with a list of models depicted at the link and see how that works out.

Shapeways, Scotia  G91, Jet Provost, SU15, Mig 27,  Land Rover-RR, S. African Infantry

Perfect Six Miniatures Sandbag Emplacements, Barracades

Heroics & Ros  Vickers Mk III, Ferret, Landrover, Mig23, Yak38, Mi2, UK Infantry, Soviet Infantry

Heroics & Ros  Spz 12-3, Spz 11-2, ASU-57, SA-4,Flat face radar, Soviet VDV Paratroops, Soviet Infantry, French infantry

Scotia M75 APC, M59 APC, BTR-40, TMM Bridge

Scotia HS-30, 20mm AA, VAB 81mm, VLRA, AMX13-DCA, VLRA, AMX30 AVLB, AMX30-Roland

Masters of Military HS-30/Spz12-3 variants, Spz 11-2 Variants, Unimog 404, Ford G398, Munga

Heroics & Ros M1A2 155mm, GMC 2.5ton, Honest john, BTS-M Amphibian, FROG7, T-55 IMR

Scotia Pat Hand Radar, BTR152-82mm, ZPU-4, PMP Bridge, BMP1 K, M1939 37mm AA, BTR-152 U, BTR-50 U, BL-14/16 140mm MRL, Leopard 1 AVLB

Masters of Military Borgward B2000 A/O and B2000 variants

Heroics & Ros  Conqueror, BTR152, BM21, M114, Gaz69 w/RR

Scotia  Zil 164, BTR152v AA, BTR152, M102, M109, Bedford RL

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