Tuesday, October 22, 2013

15mm M1115 Humvee TOW ATGM

Among the kajillian (hah!, spell checker thinks that isn't a word, silly gizmo...) unfinished gaming projects that I have setting around is an unfinished chassis for an unfinished M1167 Humvee Tow model.  As part of my now never-ending "clean up and finish unfinished projects that have been setting around my basement for way, way too long" effort, I started making a TOW missile launcher for the M1167.  Along the way, I got distracted and ended up with a TOW turret for the M1115 armored Humvee.  Don't worry, the M1167 is still going to happen, but I still need to make that goofy armored turret.  It will turn up around here soon.  Really.  What?   In the mean time, I figured that I'd post a few pics of my M1115 contraption.  So here goes:

The unit comes with an open hatch and a tub to fit into my Humvee model, and it may get "tweaked" a little before it is available.  But that is more or less what it will look like.

 In addition to the M1115 TOW vehicle, I will have the M1167 in the near future, and the M150 (M113 TOW) soon after that.  Now... where is that turret for the Leclerc?

Friday, October 18, 2013

Panhard M3 Personnel Carrier with TL-2i Turret in 15mm

Here are a few pics of my Panhard M3 APC.  It is just about done here, only needing to have the axles added before making the molds.

As shown above, the M3 is a rather small vehicle, but can carry a ten man squad.  The kit will include seven pieces; hull, turret, and five tires.  A spare will mount on the right side door.

Monday, October 14, 2013

M60A2 Master in 15mm

Here are the latest pics of my 15mm M60A2 master, more or less done.  The bottom shot is with my M113A1 for size reference.


I'm pretty happy with the Starship, and it has felt good to be working on something again. 

I'm continuing to work on old projects, and eventually my "space bubble" will get painted, but I want to get a couple more vehicles done first.   The M60A1 turret is moving along and will be done soon, and the Panhard 3 VTT personnel carrier is shaping up nicely as well.  I'll post pics of the new stuff as soon as I can.

As always, thanks for looking.