Wednesday, May 12, 2010

A Vietnam Weekend

This past weekend, I managed to get some time in on miniatures. Since I had so much Vietnam stuff setting around, waiting to be finished, I figured that I'd get some of it done and out of the way.

First up was to finish flocking the infantry that I painted last year. The figs are all Britannia, and the paint jobs ended up a little basic for 20mm scale, which is not a scale I typically work with. I'll probably go back and add a little more detail at some point. Here are a few pics:


US Army

and PAVN

Here is a pic of the Britannia M551 Sheridan. It is a resin model and quite nice. I need to get a TC and detail the .50 a bit.

In between flocking batches of infnatry, I worked on rides for my dudes, making progress on M113s and a M48A3. Not much to show yet, but hers a WIP of the assembly line, all 1/72nd Italeri kits:

And finally, I made a little painting progress on some helicopters.

Still lots of work to do, but at least I got the infantry off of my game table, and can play a game now.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Slow Progress in Modern Africa

Despite big plans, a lack of free time has brought progress on my modern Africa project to a near stop. In March I did manage to paint a company of BTR 152K models that I had cast earlier this year. I just did them in basic Soviet green, so that they can be used for Soviet troops as well as Africa games. I may do an additional company later in a green/ochre camo just for service in Africa.

I also painted a few QRF vehicles and guns. Of particular interest to me was the M46 140mm gun, which is a huge model and quite a nice casting, so I thought I'd post a pic.

Hopefully things will slow down soon, so that I can get some serious work down.