Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Irishserb's 15mm Modern Miniature Vehicles

Several people have contacted me and asked why I haven't posted that my 15mm modern vehicles are available again. Well, mostly because I want my blog to focus on my passion for the hobby and not be about selling stuff.

Anyway, this post is an exception to the rule. I do again have a website offering my small selection of 15mm vehicles, the M1114 armored Humvees being the most popular. The site is located here.

They are resin castings of things that I've made for my own use, are in 1/100th scale; and come as unpainted, unassembled kits, typically with about 7 to 10 pieces. I do not use a mold release, so you shouldn't have issues with cleaning and paint not sticking to the resin. I use a couple of different types of resin for various sized parts, so color of the parts will vary, but all of the resins have very similar properties.

Super glue is my preference for assembly of the miniatures, and using an accelerator for the glue will make things much easier. Some of the parts will be quite fiddly, such as the weapons for the humvees, and machineguns and rings for the VBLs. Ideally, I put a very small dab of glue on the bottom of the humvee weapon and hold it in place for maybe ten seconds will usually get it to hold in place. If that doesn't get it, give the receiving piece a light spray of accerator and then touch the weapon to the mounting location. The weapon should immediated stick in place.

I've usued a variety of primers on the resins over the years, including Armory primers, Krylon, and various autmotive primers from the department store. Typically I go for a medium to dark grey primer, but black or white should work just as well. I've used just about every hobby paint known at one time or another, using Vallejo, Polley Scale, and Testor's ModelMaster enamels currently. I've never had any sort of problem with a paint reacting to the resin in any way. Typically I seal the paint with a matte spray from Rustoleum or Krylon (which will tend to have a little shine to it when dry), and once dry, spray again with very flat Dullcoat from Testor's.

If you have any problems with the miniatures or resin, don't hesitate to contact me.