Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Unfinished Business

I expected to add the AAV7A1 to my website tonight, but I need to photograph it, and left it at work today.  So, I figured I'd go downstairs and work on the M-ATV, but it is setting at work too.  So, I figured that I'd do a little work on the 15mm M1 master (yes, I'm trying an MBT), and that is where tonight's adventure started.

I needed some grating and know I have some styrene in the pattern that I need, so started rooting through the heap to find it.  Two hours later, I had shuffled through an endless number of unfinished projects (while failing to find the grating), and realized that I probably need a therapist.  I also thought I'd share a few photos, since I've failed to accomplish anything else tonight.

First up is a critter that is a little outside of my main interests,  the "bubblegum troll".

My daughter was maybe eight years old at the time, and liked gaming with orcs.  She also wanted to add some other critters into our games, so we picked up a couple of GW figs at the local store.  She wanted me to paint the fig above, and picked out three bright colors, Barbie pink, Ninja Turtle green, and Smurf blue to use on it.  All I could think of was "No, not that!", but per her wishes, I painted what became known as the bubblegum troll.  I was pleasantly surprised at how it turned out, and now that I posted that last pic, you too can say that you've been mooned by the "bubblegum troll".  While the troll got finished the 90 elves, Pegasus, griffin, and other figs still set in boxes, unlikely to ever see the tabletop, as we have both lost interest in fantasy games.  The troll may make it into a post-apoc games as some sort of mutant monster.  Maybe.

Another of the forgotten projects is a the space freighter.  This was to be a multi-purpose 28mm ship that would serve a number of roles.  I started off with a bunch of ship sketches, but couldn't settle on one.  So, as far as I got, after painting up three different crews for the ship, was a series of resin cargo containers for the hold.

There were also ammo boxes, skids, and open topped bins, I but I didn't stumble across those tonight,  so only the two types of boxes above are shown (with a Copplestone figure (I think) for size comparison).

Another of the forgotten projects is the forces for the Texas-Israeli War.  C'mon, it was a great book, and should be on a tabletop somewhere.  The star of the game would be the fusion powered, gatling laser armed Israeli Centurions.  So, while looking for figs, I started on a 28mm master for the tanks.

That is as far as I got before discovering that the horse mounted troops I wanted for the Texans were not in production any more.  I do have figs for part of the Israeli force, and expect to get back to this one day... when I have some free time.

Another project that has been in the sleeper bin for a few years is my race of birdmen.  Actually, this has never been far out of mind, just far out of reach. 

The spaceship mentioned above was to sometimes serve as the mothership of a small group of aliens looking for their lost home planet.  The race of birdmen were to be the remains of of an enslaved race, searching for their origin, which was going to be  recently uncovered somewhere in the American southwest.  In addition to the ship were to be about 25 birdman (GW Kroot figs) and their kroot-buggy.

The buggy was to be a sort of safari hotrod, loaded with cargo, and with kroot hanging off of it like a flock of intergalactic pirates.  The birdmen were to have a sort of  nomadic bedraggled look with flowing capes and whatnot.  The figure above is the only one that I finished.  The remaining figs are in various stages of  assembly and conversion. 

Last on my list of unfinished business tonight is the robo-chicken.  Robo-chicken was to be the first of a series of light armored recon vehicles using palletized weapons systems and modular applique armor.  I actually have parts cut for five more of these, and have been carrying them from apartment to apartment to house since 1987.

I imagine that I'll at least finish two of these, as part of my sci-fi marine light infantry force in the next couple of years. They will work nicely with the futuristic APCs and tanks that I have yet to build, even if they are from last century.

Oh well, time to start on something new...

Friday, October 7, 2011

WIPs: 15mm M113A1 Master

Shortly after I started working on 15mm modern vehicles masters, I roughed out several hulls and chassis for various vehicles with plans to work on them in batches, as I had with World War II vehicles some years before.  Unfortunately, a problem with tendons in my right hand decided that I would progress at a much slower pace, so a number of these roughed out models went into the "wait 'til later" heap on my workbench. One of those chassis was that of a M113A1 personnel carrier. 

When I work on masters, I usually work on two of them simultaneously, adding detail to one and then the other, while the work on the first one dries.  After wrapping up my AAV7, I needed another master to work on while trying to finish my M-ATV.  So, rather than starting another model, I pulled the M113 out of the heap.  While I continue to close in on the M-ATV, the M113 came together very quickly, and it may well be done before the M-ATV.  Anyway, here are some WIP photos of my M113 hull:

The M113 is a very compact vehicle, as shown below, next to one of my M2A2 Bradleys.

My M113A1 will be a five piece model, Hull, 2x tracks, commanders hatch, and .50 cal MG and mount  for the commander.  The tracks are still pretty rough, and I have yet to start on the MG.  I don't really have a completion date for the M113, but it won't take too much time before it is done.  I just wish the M-ATV would come along as quickly.