Saturday, October 20, 2018

Irishserb's Miniatures Update

For the last month and a half, I've mostly focused on mold making and casting, and though I'm running behind as usual, my 15mm modern vehicles will be available for sale again sometime later this week.

When I haven't been casting vehicles, I've continued making masters of  6mm African buildings.  Here is a pic of some of the progress.  A GHQ Centurion Mk III is included in the photo for scale reference.  

In the near term, I will be making some of my 6mm WWII European , Arab-Israeli War Arab, and modern African buildings available for purchase as well.  

For now, I've still got to clean and bag a lot of castings, and maybe make a few more castings of miscellaneous vehicle bits to complete a few more models.  I'll post another update, in the next few days.  

Saturday, October 6, 2018

Charlies Journal - Long Range Recon: The Briefing (Post-Apoc)

We got briefed on a special mission today, a long range reconnaissance mission.  I guess we're gonna head east, further than we ever gone before. 

HQ figures that there's probably communities like ours or organized places like the Confederation out east, but we ain't never heard from any.  They want us to  see if we can make contact with any, establish relations, maybe start up trade, and hopefully expand civilization in the wastes.

We've also been told to be on the lookout for Greenies.

I guess there's been a lot of reports of 'em recently, mostly small groups showin' up, here and there, to the east and north.  Little gangs of 'em just show up out of no-where, they kill whoever they can, then just leave.  They don't take stuff, no scavenging, just kill and leave.

Supposedly, they are some kind of super soldiers; really big men, powerfully built, carrying giant guns, covered in green paint.  Thy act insane when they fight, screaming all crazy like, celebratin'  when they kill.  We've seen cults before; reported as being monsters, end up just being crazy people.

Nobody here never seen one, so who knows if they're real, but with so many reports, something is goin' on, and command wants to figure it out.  So, we're gonna head out east for I don't know how long, see what we can see, and report back.

Another thing, or maybe its related to the greenie problem, there been gangs moving south and west lately, more than there used to be, so we're gonna check that out too, I guess.  Word is that something is chasing gangs out of their homes up north, then they come this way and start trouble.  HQ wants us to talk to any of those that we find. Always love tryin' to talk to people inclined to shoot first, and shoot later too.

Anyways, they're sendin' out a bunch of recon teams like us, to fan out east and north and find out what we can.  Of course, they want us to go make contact, but not make enemies aware of the Confederation. Not sure how we do that.  When someone sees that Goat, they now something is up out there somewhere.  Ain't like we can pass though unnoticed.

Sam and I gotta load up the and prep the Goat.  Sam says that something bad is going to happin', but she always says that.  Says something bad is always going to happin', cause nothin' good ever does.  usually the Goat has a lotta room inside, but this time its gonna be crowded, we got a ton of supplies and extra equipment to take.  this mission is definitely something different.  

After the briefing, the CO talked to Panky and the rest of the section leaders for a while longer, so she has more info.  I'm pretty sure it ain't good, cause she was quieter than usual afterwards, but she ain't saying nothin' either way yet.  I'm just gonna go for the ride, see some new land, and explore.  Can't wait to leave, hope we don't die.