Saturday, June 25, 2022

Comments and Time

First, I found out yesterday that my e-mail filter is blocking some comments to my posts.  No pattern to it that I can find, other than it has only blocked legitimate replies from readers, and has yet to block a spammer.  Thanks for your comments, and sorry that they haven't been getting posted or responded to.

And second, after completing a two month long project that was severly limiting my hobby time, and getting a weekend free to be creative, I was hit by another, even more oppressive thing to deal with, so I won't be posting (or playing, building, etc), for the next few weeks.

Next time around, I'm going to have to rethink how to do this whole "life" thing.

Thursday, June 9, 2022

Peaks and Valleys

After peaking with a five day flurry of post apocalypse activity, I've descended into the valley of real life again (that sounds a little darker than I intended), allowing only a trickle of hobby activity.  I almost squeazed in a second game on the heals of my last post a poc game, with an Imagi-Africa game that has been waiting for, I don't know, two years maybe, to get played, partially set up.  But life intervened, and the game still awaits playing.

My Vietnm helicopters are slowly getting windows, with most of the birds being done, but still adding a couple windows every now and then.  And there are still four aircraft that need decals.  They may just get put back on the shelf for awhile.

World War III-1958 is still awaiting an order from H&R, which is in transit.  Once I get those painted up to fill in a few gaps, the BAOR and Soviets can get back to it.

Not really a hold up, but I've also got a few more 1950s NATO aircraft now awaiting paint on my table.

I've been working out what I yet need to pick up for my 15mm 1950s British and Soviets, 1960s French (to battle the Soviets), and 1970s-'80s Brits and 1980s French and Soviets for Cold War battles.  With the exception of the 1960s French, not a lot is needed for any one period or army.   Though when all combined, it is a sizeable list.  My 1970s-early '80s US forces need a lot of stuff yet, but that is mostly going to come from mastering and casting my own stuff, so I'll probably finish off all of the other 15mm Cold War forces first.

Now if I could just get a little more free time...