Tuesday, June 22, 2021

More Painting Done

I've had a nice relaxed couple of weekends of painting, finishing some things that have been hanging around my painting table for weeks to years. 

For the 6mm Cold War, I finished a battalion of 6mm CinC T54s, and 10x Centurion IIIs, For 15mm WWII, I finally painted 4x 15mm Sdkfz 250 that I've had since the early 1990s, plus repaired a couple of old (Quality Castings) 15mm cannons.  I even made a little headway on some infantry status markers for my 20mm Vietnam gaming.  Just a hodge-podge of undirected progress. (Sorry no pics of these, I put them away without taking pics, and they just have basic paint and mud/dust).

I've been struggling with painting larger figs (28mm) for some reason over the last several months, making very little headway with my post-apoc figs.  Along with two factions of PA figs setting on the paint table were ZombieSmith's grey aliens.  I love these little guys, and planned to use them in my near future "Route 66" games, a project that has been almost completely neglected for the last eight years; though, they could show up in my post apocalypse world.  

As I finished up the German half-tracks, and was thinking what next, I heard the little grey voices calling to me, "Paint us, so that we may come in peace".  And so it was, I gently brushed away off the five years of dust that had accumulated since arriving in 2016, and began painting. 

I gave them a slightly green grey skin, and bright green and purple uniforms.  Though they probably won't hit the tabletop for a some time yet, it felt good finally getting paint on the little critters.  I'm now caught between painting some of those post-apoc figs, or making a conveyance for the greys.  

Here are a few pics of the greys:

Sunday, June 6, 2021

A Little 15mm Progress

Toward the end of May, I managed to get the paint brush jump started (it has since run out of gas again) and painted a number of 15mm figs.

First off was another company of Cold War Soviets with some support, mostly QRF figs with a few Peter Pig mixed in to fill some gaps.  I also picked up some Eureka Russian NSV heavy machinegun teams.  In total, 113 Soviet infantry are painted and have since been flocked.

In addition to the Soviets above, I painted 13 Soviet paratroopers to complete another platoon of these troops.  The figs are a mix of QRF with a few of the old Dragonshoard/MJ Figures castings.  I started watching the Caravan Hunters (Great show by the way) on Youtube, and have gotten the bug to go back to Afghanistan.

Lastly, I finshed painting 54 World War II Germans to add some support to my motorized and infantry companies that I finished earlier this year.

That's 180 infantry painted off the bench.  Gaining some ground against the lead mountain.

I also finally got more Tiger Is than I'll ever need, and some Marders off of the table.  I sort of cheated on these,  As I just wasn't up to painting the markings on them, but at least I can get them on the table with basic colors and dust,  after 25-30 years of setting in the basement.

Regarding the infantry figures, I also want to mention that Scale Creep Miniatures, Peter Pig, and Eureka USA all did an outstanding job in getting figs to me in recent weeks.  All three featured great comms, and very fast service.