Sunday, October 28, 2012

Not Dead Yet, or I Painted a Bradley

It finally happened, after nearly three months of no hobby activity, I've actually painted something.  Changes at work had caused me to nearly abandon the hobby, but over the last two weekends, I've finally managed to finish a few vehicles. 

I completed a platoon of M2A2 Bradleys in a NATO three color camo, not fantastic work by any means, but at least I can field them.

These will provide some rides for the 15mm Rebel Minis figures that I painted earlier this year.  The models are my own resin castings. 

I also finished 10 M113s to round out my  Cold War mech infantry company.

In other news, I actually managed some time for casting today, and will soon have Humvees and other US vehicles available for sale again.  Once I get caught up a little there, I will get back to finishing some new 15mm masters. 

I know its not much, but at least I'm back in the game again.