Sunday, June 28, 2015

15mm Odds and Ends, Modern/Post War Vehicles and Infantry

I've been trying to get stuff off of my painting table, and this weekend, I finally addressed some 15mm problem children that have been hanging around.

First off are some QRF BRDM1 AT3s.  I had actually ordered the later version on the BRDM chassis, but received the earlier version.  As these are for Mugabia, that wasn't really a problem, but when I opened the bags, I discovered that each was missing the rear super-structure/upper hull.  After waiting a bit for the missing parts to show up, I got impatient and just decided to scratch-built the missing portion.  I built up the rear hull missile compartment, and made a new roof and missile launcher out of styrene.  I probably should have taken the time to add a little more detail, but they will pass.

Another snafu were two Ferrets that I ordered.   The problem is that I actually wanted the turreted Ferret Mk2, but ordered the Ferret Mk1/2 per the incorrect photo for the model on the QRF website, and actually got the Ferret Mk1/2 model, not the model shown in the photo.  So, I made some turrets to convert them to Ferret Mk2s.

And compared to the proper QRF Ferret Mk2 on the right below.

Next up were some  AT4 Spigot anti-tank missile teams that I bought sometime back.  These are rather nice and came proper and complete, but the QRF figure base doesn't fit my infantry basing system.  So, I created a new figure base with AT-4 tripod type launcher built into it, with the result being a little more compact and fitting into my normal infantry basing format a bit better.

Combine these with the Peter Pig armor crewmen that I painted, and it was a pretty productive weekend.  Now if I can just get that Mugabian border crossing done, I can get some games in next weekend.