Saturday, November 18, 2017

28mm Abandoned Gas Station

This model is based on a number of an abandoned gas station.  I think it might have been a Texaco station originally, but not sure.  The original structure was all white with a dull almost patina green trim.

Photo of actual building

I started out by estimating some dimensions on the photos and then sketching out a roughly scale plan of the building and lot.  Then adapted the footprint of the lot to mate with my modular terrain. 

The model is constructed from styrene plastic sheet, using .06 inch thick for the base (concrete pad and sidewalks), and .08 inch for the walls. Evergreen and Plastruct strips and shapes were used for the detailing.  The plastic was solvent-welded together, using a disposable syringe as an applicator.

Here is the day by day progress so far:

Day 1: Scale drawing and layout of the concrete pad and
sidewalk around the building.
Day 2: Start of wall construction.  Only had a about 25
 minutes to work on it, so not much progress. 
Day3: Completion of the outer walls.
Day 4:  Added the roof. 

The completed building measures 12.75"x 6"x 5.5", and will mate to a base made of extruded polystyrene insulation foam, measuring 12"x24".  I'll add some detail and debris tomorrow, and hopefully paint it through next week.

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Britannia (Grubby Tanks) 20mm Vietnam Figs Painted

Just a brief post to show some pics of the Britannia 20mm Vietnam figs from a couple of posts back with paint.  All but two of the wounded VC figs are finished.  I'm debating reworking the poses to make them more useful in my games.  Anyway, here are the figs, with quick paint jobs.

US arty crew.
 Medic and M79 gunner (front and back)

US casualties.
VC with rifles.
VC with SMGs.

Wounded VC.
VC casualties.

Monday, November 6, 2017

Federation Carriers and More

Here are a few pics of some rides for my Federation fighters and a few vessels to escort the CVs. 

The Old Federation CVA
This an old TFG casting from around 1985, don't know if the current
ADB one is identical or not.

Federation CVS
From ADB, this uses a similar, but different saucer from the CAs that I have, and the
secondary haul has shuttle bay doors at the front and back of the secondary hull

An  ADB casting.

Also from ADB. I think both he NCL and FF would have benefitted
aesthetically from have the engines mounted on pylons similar to the Tug.

Scout and Larson Class Destroyer
The Scout (left), is from Lou Zocchi, the Larson Class destroyer from
FASA (right), fits in nicely with the TFG and ADB models.

And a shot of the group

Eventually, I intend to get decals on these models, but probably not until after Christmas.

Sunday, November 5, 2017

Federation Fighters for Star Fleet Battles

I completed three squadrons of fighters for use in Star Fleet Battles games.  The models were produced by GZG, and I've painted them for use as Federation F-14s, F-18s and A-10s.  I painted up 12 fighters for each squadron, which should permit me to tailor them as needed for the various CV complements, giving me options for early and later fighter types.

Here are some pix:





And on their handy-dandy transport tray:

The tray is made from two pieces of .08 inch styrene sheet with two pieces of magnetic rubber sheet attached.  The tray will hold 24 fighters mounted on 1/4 inch washers.  Six of these will fit into the storage boxes that I am using for my SFB miniatures.

The fighter bases are 1/4 inch steel flat washers glued to 15mm plastic bases with a 1 inch piece of brass wire mounted in the plastic.  A hole is drilled in the underside of the fighter, and it is glued in place with a drop of super glue.