Sunday, July 21, 2019

6mm Cold War Models from Heroics & Ros (7-15-19)

My latest batch of Cold War era 6mm models from H&R include the following:

This is actually from their WWII US line, but was used well into the Cold War by a number of nations, the US-29 M1A2 155mm towed Howitzer.  This is a nice little two piece casting.

Another WWII leftover is the US 50 GMC 2.5 ton Truck, Soft Cab.  Again, this truck in one form or another served a number of nations into the early portion of the Cold War.  Mine will serve the US, and stand in for the hard cab version used by the French.  

US-150 is the Honest John artillery rocket.  The model is distinctive enough, but has the truck has a particularly "flattened' appearance.  The casting looks rougher in the photo than in person, as the flash picked up the "grain" which is not actually as obvious seen in person.

SM 107 BTS-M Heavy Amphibian, a nicely detailed model of this huge vehicle.

SM 36 FROG 7 rocket, another nice model.

SM 83  The T55 IMR engineering vehicle.  I was a little underwhelmed by this model as the miniature seems much less busy and cluttered than the actual vehicle.

I got a little ahead of myself and had started priming them, when I realized that I hadn't taken photos yet.  So some of the castings have the start of the coat of grey primer on them.

I should have a Shapeways order in  later this week, and am waiting on one from Scotia as well,so hope to share some more pics soon.


  1. That is quite a diverse selection of vehicles there, Brian. What are you up to?


  2. Building 5 Cold War armies for battles in 1958, 1968, 1978, and 1982. Focusing on 1958 and '68 right now, Soviets and West Germans very close to done, others a little less so. Expect to run 1958 Cold war mini campaigns in Germany, starting in November.

    1. Damn man, that is incredibly ambitious! I can't wait to see the balloon go up.