Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Star Fleet Battles Campaign - Strategic Turn 8

A couple of weeks ago, we got together and finally completed strategic turn 8 in our Star Fleet Battles campaign.  Despite the passing of many months, relatively little happened during this turn.

There was a lot of Klingon and Lyran movement, though only a single battle at the Kzinti battle station in hex 0701, which yielded little surprise.  A 14 ship Lyran task force featuring  a battle tug, battlecruiser,  four heavy cruisers and their escorts managed to destroy an undefended Kzinti station without any losses.

Lyran space is to the left, Klingon to the south.  Kzinti fleets 
are represented by the white markers, Lyran by yellow, and Klingon 
by black.  The Kzinti have lost two planets and two battle stations 
to the Klingons thus far.

The battle on the tactical map, with markers, rather than miniatures, unfortunately.
The Kzinti battle-station is represented by the large marker, surrounded 
by a minefield.  The attacking Lyrans are in the foreground.  
The Lyrans took three turns to destroy the bae's fighters and 
pound it to death with disruptors and phasers.

Otherwise, the Klingons advanced further into Kzinti space, and moved into Hydran space.  The Hydrans and Kzintis in Lyran space continued to move toward a rendezvous, and Lyran forces continue to consolidate for a big event in hex 0710.

Hydran space is the blue toward the bottom, Lyran to the left, 
Klingon to the right.  the green markers are the Hydrans, 
which actually out-number and out-gun the Lyrans. 

The Kzinti are clearly in trouble as all of Kzinti space is probably defended by fewer than a dozen ships at this point.

Similarly, the Lyrans look to have a problem in the southern portion of their territory, and they can almost match numbers, but not nearly the size of the Hydran ships.  Some very curious situations could develop between the Lyrans and Klingons, depending on how the battle at Hex 0710 turn out.


  1. From the first map, it looks like the remaining Kzinti fleets are in danger of envelopment.

    Given the larger picture strategic situation, seems like the Hydrans should be cautious about the Lyrans and Klingons turning their attention back to them after defeating the Kzin.

    And what is the Federation doing while the other empires burn?

  2. The Feds are restricted by the campaign timeline and/ a defense condition that must be met. Basically, they need to be fired on by the the Klingons or Lyran.

    They could have and should have sent an expeditionary force into Kzinti space, but did not. They could have forced a confrontation that way. Instead, they have tried to instigate a conflict in the neutral zone, but the Klingons haven’t bitten.

    So the Federation is stuck on the sideline at the moment.

    1. Well hopefully their factories are churning out ships at least...

      Another avenue could be to bring in a "humanitarian" (sapientarian?) force to help evacuate the Kzinti capitol once it is closer to falling, and then get drawn in that way.

  3. I don't know if he can get forces there in time, but that might still be an option for him.

    I'm not sure that the Klingons actually have enough forces up there to actually take the Kzinti home-world.

    1. What is the homeworld defended by? Does it count as having a starbase and surface fighters, or are there unseen fleets there too?

    2. Homeworlds have a starbase w/2(I think, I don't my rules right handy) squadrons of fighters, 3 ground defence pods, and I think three squadrons of fighters, plus typically will have some police ships. He may have a fleet there as well; there are about 10 Kzinti ships unaccounted for, plus he may have built a couple new ships.