Friday, September 20, 2019

Heroics & Ros Cold war Models (8-18-19)

Here are some photos of models from my latest order from Heroics & Ros.  Still fiddling fiddling with my camera, and just can't seem to get similar results twice in a row, but I think these are better than the last batch.  Anyway, I've got quite the backlog, so I'm running with these for now.  I got ahead of myself again, so they have been primed grey.

BM-53 Conqueror Heavy Tank, it is a beast, generally it is nicely detail, 
though the hull rear is a little soft.

SM-86 BTR152, Soviet six wheeled APC of the 1950s, 
the angle in the pic is kind of bad, it is a nicely detailed model, cleanly cast.

SM-35  BM-21 Soviet Rocket Launcher, a very nice model.

USM-12  M114 Recce track, nice detail and cleanly cast.

SM-28  GAZ69 with Recoiless Rifle, another nice casting with integral driver.

That's all for tonight, but more coming soon.

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