Sunday, July 17, 2011

Mugabia & Uwanda: National Markings for my Imagi-Nations

I have tossed this around for quite some time, but hadn't been forced to decide on the flags and national insignias for my fictional countries until now.  Though I have worked on several aircraft for my games, only one battle involved air support (There was no air defense, and both light strike craft missed all of their targets, it was a very bad day for Uwanda). So, there was no rush to figure out markings, but now that I have a couple of proper aircraft stands, and since I am focusing on completing  aircraft over the next couple of months, I figure that it is time.

First, Mugabia, a democratic nation built on free elections, where each citizen must vote for the one candidate on the ballot to represent them.  A former colony, released from the oppression of colonialism, and inspired by the accomplishments of the Marxist/Leninist powers of their world.

The national flag of Mugabia  includes the traditional cultural colors of the region, Black and Yellow, combined with the red of their communist brothers around the world.

Mugabian aircraft will sport a roundel consisting of a yellow star on a black circle surrounded by a band of red.

Uwanda, a new nation were different peoples share a common bond, chose a flag that represents the land and the hope that it offers.  The yellow field represents the earth of the young nation, while  the band of green  represents the hope, beauty and richness that sprouts forth from that earth.  The national flag of Uwanda:

Uwandan aircraft will sport the nation emblem of Uwanda, a green circle in a larger yellow circle:

Now, I need to get to work producing some decal sheets.  I'll add that to my to-do list.


  1. Very good flags, and very African in flavor, especially the Uwandan one.

    By the way, if you want my fictional Baltic island to be involved in your setting, I can make you a flag for the (1980's) People's Republic of Valiesk.

  2. Funnily enough I've been thinking about flags and stuff for my Mummerset campaign, and I came up with a white star on a red roundel for aircraft, because it's nice and easy to make up using white Allied stars over Japanese red roundels. I'm lazy like that.