Thursday, July 21, 2011

First Attempt at Homemade Decals - Mugabia and Uwanda Aircraft Markings

After a little fussing around, I finally made some aircraft marking decals for a few of my Mugabian and Uwandan aircraft over the last few days.   the decals were printed on four year old Testors white decal sheets, sprayed lightly with the Testers sealant, allowed to dry, and then sprayed again and allowed to dry.

The roundels were pretty small at 3/8" diameter or less, and rather hard to cut out by hand, so I made some punches out of appropriately sized brass tube.  Punching them out wasn't too hard, though a little of the white paper was exposed on some of the decals.  It is most noticeable around the red on the Mugabian roundels.

Below is a Mugabian Mig21:

The instructions said to use a plain paper/normal setting, but I suspect that  the red would have turned out better with a better print quality setting.  So I'll give that a try next time.  All of the aircraft are a work in progress, so some detailing still needs to be done.  I just figured I show some examples of home made decals.

Next is a Uwandan Fiat G91:

And lastly is the QRF Strikemaster:

I know the Strikemaster has a couple blemishes in the fuselage casting, but with some automotive glazing putty, and a wet-sanding stick, it took about 20 minutes to clean up, and I think makes a really nice model.  I've got two of the little beasts, and I love them.

The printer that I printed on was an old, bottom of the line Epson CX3810, proving that  home made decals can be done on a junk printer, and work reasonably well, without too much trouble.

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  1. Those look great. Love the Strikemaster and the camo on the MiG.

    I've used some WW1 / RCW roundels on my planes from a 1/72nd Blue Rider decal set I picked up on ebay. It's a quick way to deck out an air force and no one realises that they're actually in Latvian or Ukranian insignia.