Monday, July 18, 2011

15mm Shanty Town for Modern Africa

The following are pics of 15mm  models that I built sometime back  for my modern African games.  They are based on various photos that I found on the internet.

One of the photos that  I came across was of a makeshift playground in a shanty town.  It inspired the model below. My version has a  makeshift sliding-board and half burried tires along with bits of junk and boulders.

The last pic is of a couple shanties based on those near one of the Blackhawk crash sites in Mogadishu.

They are made from various pieces of patterned styrene sheet, styrene strips, basswood, and blue foam; assembled with superglue and Tenax 7R solvent, and painted with various Polly-Scale, Model Master, and Vallejo paints.

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