Saturday, July 23, 2011

AAR2- More Blood at Border Post A59

It took very little time for news of the failure to reach Abdi.  He was furious.  How could things have gone so badly.  They new what to expect, had surprise on their side, and overwhelming numbers.  At once, he suspected that his nephew, who had not yet returned,  had failed him again.  The colonel was not going to like this, Abdi did not like this.  Immediately, he knew what he must do.  Quickly, before the ponderous puppet regime of Uwanda had time to react, he must personally lead another attack.  They would still have surprise and numbers.  Abdi knew that he was a good leader, and that the cause was noble.  Surely they would be victorious this time. 

Frustrated with the results of the raid at Border Post A59, the local ULF leader decided to immediately launch a second attack on the village, and wipe it out as punishment for resisting the cause of the ULF. The raid would come so swiftly, that the Uwandan government would not yet have time to respond to the earlier attack.
The second attack would come from the south of the border post and east of the town. First the already damaged post would be secured, and then the town would pay. 

Above - View of the village looking east. 
Yes, it is a recycled photo, I explain at the end of the AAR.

As it turned out, the attack started just after dawn on the morning of the first attack. The Uwandan Border Patrol had already managed to re-man the post with 12 fresh guards an hour earlier. All posts along the border were getting 12 men deployed to them. Additionally, villages along that section of the border were getting a platoon of Uwandan regular infantry as protection from further attacks.

The ULF commander ran this operation personally, taking two men and reconoitering the border post. He saw that the post had a lot of activity and estimated about ten troops were present.  Despite this surprise, the attack would continue. Afterall, he had 42 fighters under his control, and the element of surprise. He decided to use overwhelming numbers and employ 30 fighters in the attack on the post. He wanted victory to be swift and absolute.

The attack came from the south, and despite their best effort, the dice were again against the ULF. The advancing force was spotted moving among the brush at extreme rifle range (01 on a D100). The guards radioed for help and slowly moved into position.  Help was on the way, but not before the attack started.  Initially, there was a lot of shooting. but not much beng hit.  In time, the casualties began to mount. The ULF took more than it recieved, but with the help of a couple of RPGs, they managed to force a withdraw of the border guards.

Above - Some of the ULF fighters attacking the border post filter
inter the village, before things started to go bad.  The second ULF group
was just out of the view to the left.

While that was taking place, a second force of ULF numbering only about 10 strong cautiously entered the village from the south road. As they got near the village, they realized that it was nearly abandoned. They hit the village elder's house with an  RPG, and began storming dwellings. Over the radio, they became aware that the guards were evacuating, and that help was arriving soon. They found a landrover left by the village militia, and decided to quickly loot what they could.  A few minutes later, while loading the rover, the Uwandan infantry came into view on the west road.

The border guards withdrew to the north, then headed west to the village. On the last seconds of fire at the border post, both ULF leaders involved in the attack were hit and killed.  Once again, ULF morale would fail, and the rebels began to withdraw.

In the town, the ULF troops quickly loaded the rover and tried to get away.  Meanwhile the Uwandan infantry in Saracen APCs spotted the  activity around the rover.  The Uwandan infantry were in poor position to pursue, but did their best, cutting cross-country ,machine guns blazing. they managed to hit the rover and wound  a few of the passengers, who quickly ran into the brush just south of the village.

The Infantry closed, continueing to blaze away, but were surprised by a wounded (and soon to be dead) RPG gunner who hit and disabled a Saracen.  The infantry bailed out, deployed, but decided not to pursue, as the disorganised effort had already cost one APC and three troopers.

Only 23 leaderless ULF troopers returned, leaving several wounded comrades behind for the Uwandans to find.  Again, the border police suffered heavily with 6 KIA and 1 WIA. The Uwandan infantry had 3 wounded from the RPG hit.
The battle swayed back and forth before ending in another decisive Uwandan victory.  A little while later, a Mugabian colonel would be relieved of his duties, and a the ULF would receive a new chief advisor.

Note:  I apologize for the lack of Photos.  I apparantly mislabeled and saved the photos from battle number 3 over those from battle number two, thus the lack of photos.  The good news is that I do have photos for the third AAR.

Additional Note:  These battles are simply not going as planned.  I had great plans for Abdi; his future was bright.  And then he got picked off by a stray D10.  Fate is a funny thing.


  1. Great AAR even with the lack of photos. The unexpected is what makes gaming fun especially when you are making a story about the game. Looking forward to the 3rd battle!

    Btw are you playing solo or against an opponent?

  2. Mostly solo so far. My daughter played in a couple of the upcoming games. Thanks.

  3. Looking forward to seeing how this pans out. No plan survives contact with the enemy as this AAR shows.

  4. i know I'm a year behind but wanted to say how much I'm enjoying your reports. Didn't even notice that there were no pictures! Normaly i don't even read Batreps with out the pics. :o)