Saturday, October 22, 2016

The Briefing in Mugabia

The President was a large and powerful man.  As he walked into conference room, his every move conveyed this in a most menacing way.  Once he was seated, his generals took there seats, each wishing that he would not have to speak.

Surprisingly he called first on his air marshal, a man who was already under great scrutiny, "Dear Mr. President, as you know, Uwanda has violated our borders, and our air space, but the People's Air Force has acted with quickness and great valor, and has inflicted  significant losses in the enemy.  We have indeed given, more than we have taken."

The Presidents face softened slightly, considering what was said.  "Thank you", he turned to the Supreme Marshal of Armed Forces, and asked, "And what have you to say?"

Without salutation and slightly rushed, he offered, "Uwandan forces have crossed the border in six places, ranging from the central region to the northern end of our mutual border.  They have taken the town at grid B21, and pushed our unsuspecting forces back, but they have made no significant progress at any of the locations in the north. We are currently activating units and formulating a plan to respond."

"Tell me Marshal, how is your family?" asked the President most thoughtfully, a weak smile escaping as he spoke.

"They are well sir", replied the Marshall, confused by this question.

"SO, you have had time to check the well-being of your family, but not to consider the well being of your nation?" The President seemed less thoughtful now, "Let me tell you sir, your family, and my family, are under attack.  Your nation, and myyyyyy nation, is under attack.  My family, and especially your family, are not doing well.  They are in fact, in very, great, danger. DO YOU UNDERSTAND!!!

"Yes sir, we will have the plan immediately," the Marshall managed to squeak out.

"Your plan is to counter-attack with whatever forces are readily available." thundered the President,  "You will expel those bugs from my nation, or I will expel you from this world." 

"Except for the air marshal, you are dismissed.  Get me the Soviet ambassador."

As a detail from the Presidential Guard was dispatched to "protect" the supreme marshall's family, the President sat in his office, admiring the beauty of the garden outside his window.  He waited for the Soviet ambassador, and for the vice marshal of the army.  Mugabia would need a better plan than that offered in the briefing, and just maybe, he could squeeze something extra from the Soviets as well.

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