Saturday, October 8, 2016

15mm Modern African Buildings Completed

I managed to finish four of the five buildings that I started a couple of weeks ago.  They are based on photos of buildings from Kenya and surrounding nations. Construction is from styrene and blue foam.

The Bright Future Store, for all your refreshment needs.
A particularly nice outhouse.  It was located behind a small white cottage with a thatch roof. 
The cottage looked to be more Tolkien, than African.
This was noted as having been the house of a prominent person.  The actual house had been destroyed in the photos, this is somewhat speculative, but should be relatively close to the design of the original structure.
It was described as a bar.

Hoping to get these into a game this week.


  1. Very nice, love the first one!

  2. They really turned out well. That is the cleanest looking outhouse I've ever seen! What did you use for the roof on the first one?

  3. These are really good and very useful for ithers, they look superb!