Sunday, November 27, 2022

A Few Odds and Ends for 6mm WWIII, 1958

Back in February, while setting up for my first battles of WWIII, I discovered that I was short a few items, so ordered a few models from H&R and Scotia to fill in the gaps in my Soviet and British forces. 

Over the holiday weekend I managed to paint nearly 50 assorted 6mm miniatures, including some recce, softskins, engineering and bridgng vehicles, and some 122mm guns.  Here are a few pics:

Gap fillers for World War III Soviets and British.

A couple of H&R Centaur Dozers.

An H&R Churchill ARK (top), and a Churchill AEV with girder bridge.  

H&R Soviet GSP Ferry.

It has been a productive weekend and with any luck, I'll have some more stuff to share by mid-week.

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  1. Always nice to see the engineering side of things represented. Great work.