Wednesday, December 7, 2022

On Track With Levin Miniatures (part 1)

I received an order from Levin Miniatures a couple of months back to help me get "on track" again.  The order consisted of 15 packs of train tracks for my 6mm World War III games set in Germany.  

Originally, I was going to scratchbiuld all of the track, but decided to speed things along given how much time I spent away from hobby projects this summer.  The order came almost as an accident, as I was looking at the location for my next WWIII-1958 battle, and remembered that I had never resolved the need for railroad track, so I sent off the order to Levin.

Nine packs of straight track will give me about 15 feet of track for the table top, plus two packs each of turns, switches, "y"s and "X"s.

I decided to mount these on strips of .03" thick styrene and build up a little track bed around them.  

Styrene strips scored to bend and snap off of the sheet for 
straight sections of track.  

Close up of the three different lengths of straight track after 

The track sections are about 2.5 inches long, and about 7/16" wide.  I added 3/16" to each side for track bed. the track sections were glued to the styrene with superglue, and I applied a bead of glue along each edge of the track section to quickly build up the slope to the track bed, then applied a coat of glazing putty on each side and sanded the slopes smooth.

This is the current state of the track sections.  I expect to finish them this weekend and will then post "On Track" part 2.


  1. Lovely. I have several feet of Irregular 6mm train tracks (and some trains). I've been amazed how useful they have been and have appeared in many games.

    1. I guess the next move will be looking into some trains, thanks for mentioning Irregular.

  2. Nice. Surprised you haven't got a working railroad on your basement because that seems to be a thing that American have in their basements, but I guess there's no room for a railroad and a wargame table too.

    1. I had just started down that path of model rilroading, when I was introduced to WWII miniatures and was kidnapped for life by miniatures gaming.