Friday, May 27, 2022

Vehicles For My Post Apoc Bunker Faction Completed*

The High Mobility Armored Transports (HiMATs) are light armored utility vehicles for my bunker dwellers. Capable of withstanding small arms fire, they provide transportaion for the bunker's inhabitants when exploring the wastes, or extending olive branches to the less fortunate survivors in the After.

They come with or without an armored turret, and can mount a range of medium and heavy weapons.  They can also accommodate eight occupants with about two weeks of survival rations and supplies. 

Drive is provided by two electric motors (one to each axle) via batteries and solar panels.  They are equipped with air purification and NBC contamination sensors, and can purify drinking water as well.  Other features include assive night driving aids and GPS navigation that can link to GPS satilites that are stil in operation.

Here are a couple pics of the beasts:

* Actually, I'm not sure that they are complete, but they are at least serviceable on the table top.  They may get some more detailing in the future.

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