Friday, May 6, 2022

Some Cold War Campaign Thoughts

I was back to applying decals to 1/72 Vietnam aircraft last night, and while doing so,found my thoughts drifting to my 1958 Cold War Campaign.  I been feeling the urge to continue with it again, and have been considering what battle to do next.  

I coud continue with more BAOR battles with the Soviet 10th guard Tank Division pushing against the British 6th Armored.  This would involve mostly fresh forces  on both sides in the near term, and might involve crossing the first water obstacle.  Or, I could move a little north to ballance out the front, again with British and Soviet armored divisions in the rainy openness of the North German plain.  Either way, these battles will be tougher for the British forces, than in the last, as they still won't have the availability of air support (rain and low cloud  deck), nor the Conqueror heavy tanks, so those T-10s are going to be a tough nut to crack.  I suspect that the next couple of British battles will be a little of a let down, when compared to the last.

Another thought would be to do the first contact between the West Germans and Soviets.  This intrigues me, but given the weather conditions and probable lack of air support, I fear that the West Germans are in for a really tough day.  The West German forces are very new,  limited to M47 tanks in their heaviest forces, and have only soft skin Borgward infantry carriers,.  At this point, they are just a lot lighter than their Soviet counterparts.

I'd like to sink my teeth into another very intense, very involved (multi-day to play) battle, but I suspect that I will have some considerable learning curve, before  giving the West Germans a fair showing, and again, may not get the game that I am looking for.

Regardless of my apprehension, I am again wanting more battles from my 1958 campaign, and have placed a small order from Heroics and Ros to fill in some support and command voids for both my British and Soviet forces.  This will give a few weeks to finish applying decals to aircraft, and complete a small post apoc project, but I'll save that for another post.


  1. I'm pleased that you're getting interested in your '58 project again. There is another bloke doing the same thing here...
    You may find the link interesting.

    1. Hi,

      That looks like an interesting link.


      PS you're not from Hexham by any chance?

    2. Thanks for the link. I recognise the name, but wasn't aware of his blog.

    3. Hi J, I am from Hexham, once seen never forgotten eh?.

    4. We may well know each then, especially if you went to the wargames club at QEHS!

    5. Yes that's right with Bruce and Alan Douglas, I used to mainly game with John Bowman.
      You must still be in the hobby then?, I've been trying to think who "J" might be. Let me know on one of my blogs, you can access them via my profile then we won't completely hijack irishserb's blog.

  2. Great to hear you are getting your interest back!! Looking forward to your next posts and the campaign.

  3. Looking forward to the AAR's for the next battles...sounds pretty tough for the BAOR.