Tuesday, September 7, 2021

WIP: 20mm Rice Paddies for Vietnam

It had been almost a month since I last got downstairs to work on the hobby, and not surprisingly, the rice paddies were still waiting for me.  They're still not done yet, but I made some good progress on them.  Here are some pics of the work done thus far:

There are eight modular paddies, 2x four-sided units, 
and 6x three-sided add on paddies.

This view shows the modules in the first photo separated.

The bases are .06 inch styrene sheet. 
The blue foam profiles were cut on a band saw.

The paddies after sanding, to make 
them a little less uniform.

The paddies as they currently sit.

They may still be a little too uniform, I'll have to what they look like when done.

I need to order more tufts, so it will be another three to four weeks, before I can get these done.  


  1. Nice rice paddy. The only thing you are missing are the floating turds in the water. I seen two many of the pads in I Corp in 68-70. Plus the evil water Buffalos....lol Great post.

  2. Hmmm, I haven't seen any companies that offer 20mm rice paddy turds yet, but will keep my eyes open. I do have a couple of evil water buffalo lurking about though. Thanks!

    1. Evil water buffaloes. In my unit we had been told not to shoot those evil things. My sarge told me get gored and you will get a free trip home. Why the US government had to pay a fortune for every one we killed. Sometime to the tune of 25k. It was cheaper to my GI get gored. lol