Saturday, May 16, 2020

Stepping Back (or Forward) Into the Post Apocalypse

After spending several days gathering all (or most) of the stuff that I have collected for my post-apocalypse, near future, and (old) fantasy projects, I have decided to start working primarily on my post-apoc project, with some work on near future stuff that may overlap into my PA games. 

By this time, I expected to be a lot farther along in developing my post apocalypse campaign.  I've got notes, sketches and information filling a bookcase shelf for dozens of factions and all of the buildings, vehicles, and assorted bits for each of them.  

My goal in the short term is to paint remaining figures to existing factions, and to reduce the unused clutter around the basement where possible, by completing various general items, like tabletop clutter such as utility poles, fire hydrants, crates and barrels, junk heaps, etc.

Once I make some headway with that, I'll move on to bigger items like buildings, villages, and new factions.  

For now, I've started to gather and work on some of these "clutter" items.  Hopefully, by the end of the week, I'll have a bunch of these knocked out.

Most of it is just hydrants, tires, stacks of ammo boxes, and barrels. But there are a few oddball items.

The odd looking things in the lower left are individual track links that I cast, when making a 1/10th scale model of a tracked hole drilling some years ago.  I figure they will make nice junk at an industrial site, The big gear was a drive sprocket from the same model with a road wheel above it.

Top left are three different sized scratch built-dumpsters that I was originally going to cast, but I think it will cost more than it is worth to cast them, so I may just build a few more or maybe cast one of them, still not sure yet.

The transformer, top right, is an HO scale model railroad kit.  A very nice model really; it will make a nice chunk of junk.

In front of the transformer are a couple of 1/60 scale scratch-built commercial air-handlers, and resin cast some wood piles from Wizkids.

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  1. I have enjoyed your Post-apoc project so far. So great to see it coming back to the fore.