Thursday, October 29, 2020

15mm T64 and Vasilek Mortar by QRF

I recently received a few more models from QRF, primarily a bunch of T64s and an 82mm Vasilek automatic mortar. 

I already had three T64As, but ordered seven more to round out a company.  The beautifully painted model on the QRF site looks pretty good, but I figured that I'd share a photo of a bare metal model which is still a pretty good looking model..

I also received my first 2B9 82mm Vasilek 82mm automatic mortar.  I ordered just the one, as the photo on the site looked quite nice, but  I was concerned about the number of parts and how much struggle it would be to assemble.  

The model is very nice and finely detailed, and I believe it consists of nine pieces. I wasn't real familiar with the contraption, so I looked up some photos of the it on the net, and it made sense pretty quickly.  I canted the axle backwards a little, which I wouldn't have done, had I not seen pics of the actual weapon.  It also appears that the trails rotate from a horizontal orientation when in tow, to the vertical when deployed (at least on some units), which confused me a little.  Here are a couple of pics of the assembled model,which I hope might be helpful to others.

Since it turned out to be pretty easy to assemble, I'm going to order a couple more of them, to give my Soviets something to annoy my Afghans with.

Given that some of my recent orders from other companies during the age of Covid-19 have been rough rides and/or a bit slow, I want to mention that QRF did a really nice job of packing the models, as the postal system positively beat the crap out of the package with no harm coming to the models, and the turn around time was quite short.  


  1. How bendy are the barrels on those tanks? I have the darndest time getting metal barrels to stay straight. Truly annoying.

    Also, I saw this today and thought of your WWIII efforts. Perhaps a bit advanced in age as I think it is set in the 80's, but what struck me was the potential for scenarios in terms of motivation/terrain/leadership and so forth.


    1. Oh yes, I saw this title on TWW, and was considering it.

      I'm hoping to build up enough 15mm stuff that by the time I get to the 1977-1982 time-frame for the Cold War, I can do some games in 15mm for a later campaign.

    2. I forgot to comment about the barrels, they seem to be pretty sturdy, and were pretty straight when received. they are 125mm cannon so a little thicker than most and segmented due to the thermal sleeves.

  2. Pretty good looking tanks!

    I checked out the 2B9 on wikipedia, and it certainly is a interesting little gun. I am always fascinated by ways that Soviet weapons diverged from Western weapons.

  3. Yes, I did a recent order from QRF and got it really quickly. I made another order on the same day from another company and am still waiting....

    1. Since this started, I've found that all of the companies have come through, but some are taking 3-4 months to get packages to me.