Friday, December 28, 2018

Cliffs Are Done, But Late On Everything Else

They used every scrap of time that I could muster over the last week, but the additional cliff sections are done.

The seam in the road didn't look so bad when I first lined them up, should have fixed it, after jostling the pieces around with the other sections.  

Now to start getting caught up on everything else.  I've got a couple short Star Fleet battles to write up from our campaign, plus the first SFB miniatures game coming up this Sunday, still need to finish up those African buildings, and going to try to at least get in a post-apoc game from Charlie and the Goat's latest adventure before the holidays are over. 

Gotta run...


  1. They look like time well-spent, those are absolutely lovely

  2. Great job! It's always nice to see your gaming table - it's real.