Friday, December 21, 2018

A Few More Cliffs for the Apocalypse

I've been trying to get my 6mm African buildings done, but have been struggling for whatever reason with only four of them more or less painted after a couple of weeks.  I've also really been struggling with being cramped in my gaming space, due to simply having too much stuff. 

So, I took a look around, and made note of what I can do to make some quick progress with respect to de-cluttering.  One item that was obvious was about 10 cubic feet of foam bits that I had been holding onto for some modular cliff sections that I didn't get around to earlier in the year.  This was just as well, as I needed to finish three pieces for some oft he "Charlies Journal" post-apoc games that I'm still hoping to do this month.

I chased down my list of needed cliff sections, and set aside the foam that was needed, I knew that I had way more foam than was needed, but I simply have a hard time throwing the stuff out.  But, after sorting was finishing,  about 6 cubic feet of junk exited the building. 

So with my African buildings, and holiday gaming schedule pushed aside, I now have a table top covered in new terrain pieces and foam dust.

Here are the roughed out sections needed for the upcoming games, a road transition through the cliffs.

Still a lot of work to do on the road itself, but the cliffs and basic roadbed are more or less done.

Transitions from the 3" to 6 inch cliffs are something that would be helpful too, so I knocked out a couple of those.

And the rest of the  new pieces; a pair of six inch wide sections of both 3 and 6 inch high cliffs fr more flexibility in set up (previous cliff sections were 12 inches wide), and another inside corner piece.

I'm going to try to scrape up enough energy tonight to finish the roadbed contour and details and get some filler in the seams and divots.  We'll see how it goes.


  1. Keep plugging away at it. I love your cliffs, they are a great inspiration to me. A change of subject is one of my favorite ways of finding new energy!

  2. Thanks Anton. Its funny howchanging focus can restart your engine.