Thursday, July 5, 2012

A Few Soviets for the Cold War

July 4th turned out to be a pretty open day for me, so I hid from the summer heat and got some work done in the basement. I decided to try to clear some of the half finished stuff off of my various work spaces and did a bunch of painting, including a few vehicles for my Cold war Soviets.  Paint jobs are basic, but I figured that I'd share some pics as a lot of these aren't shown on the manufacturer's (particularly Old Glory's) website.

Here are three shiny new T-72s ready to protect the USSR from NATO aggression.  These are from Old Glory pack number PW-706.

The T-72s consisted of pretty clean castings and went together with out too much fuss.  A little filling was needed around the gun mount, and the commanders hatch was just a touch fiddly.  The hatch can be attached open or closed and mounted crew figures are included.

Next are some BRDM2 with AT5 anti tanks missiles, also made by Old Glory from pack number PW-732B.

These consisted of very clean castings and take minimal assembly work.  The tires are cast in place, and the missile launcher only adds two pieces.

Last of the independence day batch was a lone BTR60PB (item no. MSVI04) and a few Soviet troops (item no. MSI01 Motor Rifle Infantry) from QRF.

The BTR60PB came in five pieces.  Assembly was quite simple with minimal clean-up of light flash on the hull.

Here are a couple more Old Glory models that I had done earlier this year.   BRDM with SA9 anti-aircraft missiles (PW-732C)

The BRDM/SA9 was similar to the AT5 variant with minimal clean-up and assembly.  A very nice model, though I need to give mine a little more painting attention.

And, the PT-76 light tank (PW-735).

The PT76s required a little filling of recesses in what should be flat hull sides, but otherwise were easy to assemble and make for nice looking models.

Next up will be my US Army Cold Warriors, as my Soviets currently have nobody to spar with.

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