Sunday, March 19, 2023

Great Weekends, Tiring Weekdays

The last couple of weekends have been very productive.  I finished painting 62 stands of 6mm Soviet infantry; assembled and primed 103 6mm Soviet, German, and French vehicles; got paint on about 70 of those vehicles, and got 2x 15mm and 6x 6mm Cold War jets to the decal stage two weekends back.

I added in maybe 18 "straggler" vehicles, later stuff that won't be seen in Barbarossa, just odds and ends that still needed paint, and this past weekend saw me complete 57x 6mm Russian vehicles and 4x German.  Not as dynamic as the weekend before, but not bad productivity, even if most were just solid greens or grays with some mud and dust.

6mm WWII Soviet infantry, 6mm CF-100, F-86s, and Hunters, 
a 15mm Hunter and Venom...

... and 6mm WWII German and Soviet vehicles, 
in various stages of paint at the time of the photos.

I could have, and probably should have played a game this past weekend, but I'm still hyped up on how fast the Barbarossa progress has gone, and just wanted to keep it going as long as the mojo flows.

I've got the second round of Soviet infantry ordered and in route, as well as some reinforcement for the Soviets, more "BT" series and other light tanks mostly, so those will hit the painting table soon.  Probably could have lived without the extra tanks, but decided to round out some extra units, just in case my battles get bigger than originally anticipated.

Otherwise, I need to paint some of the aircraft and need to order a few buildings to paint, and 6mm barbrossa will be done.

At some point, I will be picking up a large order of 15mm resin Russian Tanks from Gaming Models, will need to paint a half dozen Russian planes and add a few buildings to wrap up the 15mm side of Barbarossa.

Over these last couple of weekends, the weekdays have been in tremendous contrast to the weekends, with the weekdays filled with work and life stuff, and by the time I'm done with the "have to" things, I'm burnt out.  Can hardly keep my eyes open, let alone paint a miniature.  So nothing "hobby" is getting done during the week.  Even my forum and bog reading time is way down.

On a side note, I've been blowing through a lot of old paints, mostly colors for weathering that I've been using for decades.  I used up or found dried out, about 15 bottles in the past two weeks.  It saddens me to see my supply of Polly S, Polly Scale, ModelMaster, and old Pactra Military colors go away.  And my weathering has gotten outright crude in some instances, as I work through new paints, colors, mixes, and brushes to find my way again.  At least my painting table is gaining a little space.

That's it for now.  Until next time, be safe and stay well.


  1. Real life socks, it is why we play games.

  2. Narrow Gauge Modeling has some Polly S and ModelMaster paints:

  3. Hang in there, Brian, they're looking great and it's coming along nicely! I absolutely agree with the idea of riding the mojo wave, and I'm in a similar situation where I've been painting my ass off lately, but I'm beginning to wear down, plus work and real life are really encroaching. We'll get there! ;)