Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Soviet Intervention! (African Imagi-Nations)

The President stood, looking out of his office window, shortly after receiving the good news about the latest battle with the Uwandan dogs.  He stared out across the Presidential Garden, and could just faintly hear the sound of the engine, as he watched the first of the Soviet Mig 23 interceptors land at the airport on the other side of the capitol.  Though his air force would not be receiving them, a least not yet, they would be available to stop Uwanda's control of the air.

In an hour, he would leave for that same airport to greet the Soviet paratroops arriving in their blue berets.  He very much liked the blue berets.  The President considered that he too needed paratroops of his very own, such that they might also sport the blue berets.

The President smiled. He had been told that he had a beautiful smile, and today, it was quite grand. Today was a good day, far better than yesterday, and tomorrow would no doubt be better yet!


  1. Oh man, could be a pressure cooker in the region. I'm sure the free world may start shipping in some weapons to help counter this soviet escalation. Can't risk letting the dominoes start falling over....

  2. Yeah, I haven't got it all worked out yet, but the situation has certainly changed.