Wednesday, November 25, 2015

More WIP Pix of my 28mm Post-Apoc Blockhouse

Got more work done on the doo-dads attached to my post-apoc blockhouse.  Most of the high-tech hardware is built, though I still need to make the doors and hatches. Here are some pix:

The blockhouse measures about 7.5 inches to the roof,
and almost 18 inches to the top of the antenna mast.
The next step will be to make the amenities outside.  I want to add an outhouse, a shower, fire pit, maybe a doghouse, a makeshift shelter and some other odds and ends.  Hoping to get that stuff built this weekend, and maybe some paint on it too.


  1. Pretty cool so far, do you have any more pics of the trucks in the background?

    1. I don't know. I started them years ago, for my daughter's orks, but she lost interest shortly after I started them. They are being repurposed for the re-purposed orks, so I will have new pix soon.

  2. Immodest question. Is there a single photo of the truck? Like their idea

  3. Blockhouse It is associated with Star Wars. I like it very much!

  4. Actually, no Star Wars connection, though could be used as such. It is part of a post-apocalypse faction in my game. Part of a self contained government military research lab that survived the apocalyptic event, and is re-claiming land to re-form the pre-event nation.