Sunday, November 1, 2015

28mm Post-Apocalyptic Block House: A Work in Progress

One the factions of my post apocalyptic world is the a small, high-tech army that is trying to  re-acquire territory for the remnants of the old Federal government.  As the army expands its control over new territory, it builds outposts to mark its claim.  One of the common types of outpost is the Block House.

Today, I managed to complete most of the construction of the blockhouse.  The basic structure is made of extruded polystyrene insulation foam cut with a band-saw or hobby knife, glued with artist's acrylic matte medium, and based on .06" thick styrene sheet.  The foam pieces are held together with straight pins, until the matte medium is dry.  The following photos show the construction process:

The block house drawn onto the base, measuring approx. 13"x10".

Foam stock cut on the band-saw.  The pink, blue , and grey-green foam
 come from different manufacturers, but behaves the same for
construction purposes.

With a GW Cadian in the doorway for size reference.

I need to add a couple of foam walls to the interior of the first floor, pull the pins and then start to paint.