Thursday, March 3, 2011

ERC 90 Begins to Take Shape

When I started gaming my fictional modern African campaign, among many things I began looking for 15mm modern French armor.  And, I was really surprised to find how few modern French armored vehicles were available in 15mm. As a result, I began my quest to fill some of that gap for my French, African, and Middle Eastern forces.

I am currently working on several vehicles, including the Panhard M3 apc, the VAB, and the ERC 90 armored car.  As it turns out, I am making the most headway on ERC 90 (probably because it is just the coolest armored car out there), and thought I'd share a few WIPs of it.  So here Goes:

It is still in the early stages of construction, but with the fenders finally roughed out, it has really taken shape.  In these photos, it is setting on wheels from my VBLs, and is setting just a little lower (maybe .06 or so inches) than it will when complete.  The VBL is for size comparison.  The ERC 90 is very sleek looking, but has a noticeably larger footprint than the VBL.

This side view shows it with two Peter Pig US Marines (which are just outstanding figs if you haven't seen them).

And lastly, the overhead view shows the footprint comparison between the VBL and ERC 90.  Still bit rough, but I hope to have it done by the end of the weekend.


  1. Have you seen the ALM/ACMAT VLRA truck? Very nice truck.

  2. Love the VLRA. I've got the soft cab version started, and am still researching with the intent to do three versions right now.

  3. Well now you are talking my language. :-)

    I assume that as and when these would be for sale too?

  4. Absolutely. Pretty much anything that I cast for myself, I will make available, unless I just can't get good castings of it from the mold.