Saturday, February 10, 2024

On the Painting Table

After getting kidnapped by work for a few days.  I'm catching up on the hobby again.

In my last post, I mentioned painting some miniatures. For the last few weeks, about every third or fourth day, I've been doing a little assembling, priming, painting, etc., as time permits.

Most of the miniatures are 15mm vehicles for (what else?) Barbarossa.  There are a bunch of German Pz II, Pz III, and Pz IV models in process, all my own casts.  Some of these were made from "blowout" parts with occasional bubbles and whatnot. 

The Pz IIs and Pz IIIs are almost done with most of the Pz IIIs being E-models with the 5cm L42 gun and a couple having the older 3.7cm gun.  The Panzer IIs are mostly "F" models and some earlier types as well.  


Pz IIs F and B models, a couple Sdkfz 251D, and 
Pz IVDs behind them.

There are also some Soviet tanks, mostly a mix of my own and Gaming Models casts: three T-35s, a couple of T-28s (there will be more), 10x T-26Ss (my second sculpt ever 36 years ago, and yet to see the games table), three BA-10 (I think) armored cars (these are old, like 1980s vintage, not sure of the make), a single KV-1, and a Soviet truck.  

T-26S (center), with a KV1 and a KV2 turret mostly 
hidden behind it.

T-35s, T-28s, three BA-10s, a Soviet truck, and a stray 

That Dingo has been waiting for paint since about 1989

Additionally, about twenty-five Star Trek starships are in process, most being Federation ships.  A couple are 1980s vintage Task Force Games ships; the Federation tug and a dreadnaught both required a good cleaning and some repair before priming.    A bunch are Studio Burgstrom (beautiful models, no flash, easy to assemble) and the classic Lou Zocchi models all now primed and in various states of base coat.  The base station is from Amarillo Design Bureau, and the three Reliants are from the "clicky" game.  The Klingons get a little bump too, with three more Bergstrom Klingon cruisers, and three smaller IKS Gunboats from Space Facade on Shapways.  These are all in various stages of receiving their base hull colors.

Most of the Bergstrom models appear to be from the TOS period or a little earlier, resembling some of the "Axanar" style ships, and I'll be going two different directions with them, using them both as traditional classes from Star Fleet Battles in bigger fleet and campaign games, and also doing up SFB style SSDs to play in the pre-TOS Klingon War (4-Years War) games in the Axanar (-ish) setting.

For 6mm Operation Barbarossa, my GHQ order arrived today, so I can get the German trucks painted up for my campaign battle west of Lvov.  I might be able to get those done tomorrow.

And, graced by a little bit of luck, early this week, my neighbor's cat got into our garage and knocked over a stack foam that had been on a table in the corner, probably since about 1998.  Most of it was 2" foam cut for a project that didn't happen, but part of it was a bunch of long forgotten 1/2" thick pre-cut tiIes, perfect for river sections.  I'm hoping to get the new river tiles done by next weekend.

That's it for now, stay safe out there.


  1. Your own casts? That is very impressive!

    1. Thanks, I first experiemented with it back in '87 after receiving my irst Quality Castings tanks, which at that time were the old Heritage models. I had a Pz II and III and thought, I can do better than that, so gave it a try. Ironic that have of the models I've cast have still never seen my gametable.

  2. You certainly have a lot on the go!

    Particularly love to see the Trek stuff (not just my Klingons!)

    Hope you get some more time to work on it all.

    1. I squeeze in some work, whenever I can. The next step is to expand the Klingons a bit more. You'll be helping out with that quite a bit.

    2. Let me know if you need any other variants!

    3. Thank you, I'll keep that in mind.