Friday, June 9, 2023

Future Games: Africa and WWIII-1958

Over the last four weeks, my hobby has consisted only of gaming on weekends and writing up game reports for my blog.  I haven't lifted a finger for research, painting, or building.  With games on the table, I don't have much room for building, though I have a separate painting table, and research is mostly done upstairs on yet another (more or less dedicated) table.  

I don't have a reason for the lethargic approach to the the hobby beyond the gaming, which I'm really quite enjoying.  I just haven't felt like working on anything.  A little of that can probably be attributed to increased time working outside and around the house, but whatever the reason, right now it feels good just playing games.

Currently, I've got three more games planned.  The next one will be the first Soviet response to the Uwanda Liberation Front (ULF) betrayal in imagi-Africa.  I'll be setting that up Saturday, though suspect that I won't be able to finish playing the game until the weekend after.

In this battle, the Soviets will be attacking a known ULF stronghold in one of the southern Mugabian cities.  It should be a little more balanced than the last Soviet/ULF encounter.  

The other two scenarios that I have ready to go are WWIII 1958 battles.  A follow-on to the Soviet advance against the Brits, and the first Soviet encounter against the West Germans to the North of the attack v. the British.

The British armored formations involved this time, don't have Conqueror heavy tanks (just Centurion IIIs), and it is still raining with reduced visibility and lack of air support, so I'm curious to see how differently this battle plays out from the last.

After that, I will play out the West German battle.  The Germans are equipped with M47s and unarmored Borgward 2000 infantry carriers, so I am very interested to see what can be accomplished with those.  Initially, I had feared that the M47s would be utterly outclassed by T54/T55 types, but after an analysis of the M47s 90mm gun v. their Soviet counterparts, it isn't as hopeless as it might seem; at least until the T10s show up.

I think that I have some understanding of German tactics once the Leopards and armored infantry carriers were in service, but have seen nothing specifically addressing tactics for the first iteration of German formations in the late 1950s.  I'm not sure that later German tactics can be successfully employed with the older equipment, so the game will very much be an experiment for me.  Hopefully not too costly for the Germans.

Both of the WWIII battles are quite large and involved, and I may still need to build a couple terrain tiles for the battles.  Setup will take a day or two for each, and I'm guessing that fighting out the battles will take at least three days each, so my gaming time (and table) could reasonably be tied up for the next six weeks, including the Africa game.

Not sure where things will go after that in either campaign.  By then, I may be back in full "build and paint" mode, or maybe I'll piece together some more battles for the tabletop. 

That's what's happening on my front.  Stay safe out there.