Monday, December 21, 2020

More 6mm Soviet Cold War Jets Completed

 I finished painting a pair of Yak-28s, Mig-19s, and Mig-15s, and applied decals to 22 Soviet jets in all, including the freshly painted models, plus additional Mig-15s, Mig-17, and pairs of Su-7, Su-9, Il-28, and 4x Mig-21s.

I still have 52 aircraft in the painting queue, mostly helicopters from the 1950s and 60s.  I plan to paint them all, but will likely only decal the 1950s models for now.  The F101Bs still need some "jet exhaust" applied to the extended nozzles and underside, but are otherwise done.  They will have to sub for A and C models in Europe. Most of the other models are still just getting base-coats applied.  

I'm also still trying to decide what to do about my rotor disc problem.  Scrapbook dies to cut the appropriate sized rotors were going to cost upwards over $50 (I need rotors ranging from 1.125 to 3 inch diameters), more than I wanted to spend, so I probably need to dig out my circle cutter, as soon as I find some clear stock to make them from.  Not looking forward to cutting out rotors for 70 helicopters.


  1. They look great- I know what you mean about helicopter rotors... my usual source of pre cut disks has closed down. Never tried cutting my own so I'll follow your lead on this.



    1. Thanks Pete. I'll probably play around with them during the week following Christmas.

  2. Look for clear acrylic bases? Broken Egg games has some nice options and I don't think it would be that expensive.

    Litko (over in Indiana, I believe) also offers custom base making so you can build your rotors exactly how you want them.

    Andrew C.

    1. Many thanks, I'll have to look into these, hopefully save me the time of making them.