Sunday, November 24, 2019

Post Apoc Chain Link Fence for 28mm

Over the last week, I managed to complete a little post-apoc project, some chain link fence for 28mm.  Scale is a little wonky, as I made them to "look right" with figures mounted on slotta bases.

The base of the fences is .06" styrene 3/4" x either 3" or 6" long.  Fence posts are 3/32 Evergreen tube, 1.75" high, with 1/16" rod for the cross-members.  I pinned the tube to the bases with brass wire, and clipped the ends of the bases at 45 degrees to permit making 90 degree corners.  The wire mesh was to to the length of the base, and roughly 1.85" in height.

I originally was hoping to leave one end post off of each section, such that the end of the cross-member would simply overlap the end vertical post of the next section, resulting in a more realistic model, but the wire mesh persisted in having a little twist to it, bending the cross-member a little, and ending with the mesh at a little of an angle.  So, each joint between sections has a double post.  I briefly considered soldering the posts out of brass rod/wire, but didn't want to take the time.

I ended up with twelve 6" sections and ten 3" sections for 102" of fence.  There are a number of damaged section, ranging from a bent post, or cut in the fence to complete bent over as if run over by a large angry post-apoc truck.

Here is the result:

The last pic is with a couple of 28mm figs, for a sense of scale.  I believe the biker is from Copplestone, and the tall guy is from Foundry Street Violence.

I'm a little bummed about having to have the double end posts, but otherwise happy with the result.

Next up is an abandoned roadside diner and small motel to go with the gas station that I built last year.


  1. Very effective. Like the broken sections!

  2. These look great!

    Portable segments of fence have double posts, so that's just what these are!

  3. What is your source for the wire mesh?
    I have used window screen with less happy results

  4. Thanks guys.

    Anton, the mesh is just aluminum screen from the local Ace Hardware. Just had to be patient cutting the sections to size.