Friday, May 5, 2017

Too Much and Not Enough? - Lamenting All the Games that I will Never Play

Once again, I struggle with the fact that I won't live long enough and don't have the space to complete all of the gaming periods and projects that are currently have on my to-do list.  I'm to the point, where it is really hard to accept that will never complete some of my current projects.

As I sat here this morning, arguing with myself about which gaming periods and projects to shave from my to-do list, the thought occurred tome," Just how many periods would I like to play?"  So I decided to make a "quick" list of all of the things that I would really like to game in miniature.

As I started to make the list, I excluded those things such as The Great War, and Franco-Prussian War that I am interested in gaming, but for which I don't  feel the excitement about researching and/or building the terrain and armies.

Anyway, to distract myself from dealing with the problem at hand, I came up with some numbers.  There is some repetition, where periods are represented more than once, in different scales, and some armies overlap into multiple periods/offensives/operations, but here are the numbers:

76 Periods
532 Armies and factions
106,200 Miniatures
24 Sets of basic Modular Terrain
41 Sets of Buildings and Terrain Details

Even if I had won the lottery in high school, or discovered that I was Howard Hugh's lost love child, I never had a chance.  Given that I insist on painting all of my own figures (and even making a few of them), write most of my own rules, and scratch-build almost all of my own terrain, I figure that I would need three lifetimes, free of work and family to get it all done.

Oh well, a moment of whimsy is over, back to the chopping block...


  1. Yep, that road to Damascus epiphany where one realizes one doesn't have all the time in the world.

  2. That way lies madness! But it's nice to dream.

  3. I always figured I needed two lifetimes: one for painting and one for gaming.

  4. Yes.But think of the games you have played.

    1. Yes, the glass is far more than half full.

  5. Some nut once said, "Moderation in all things" but I doubt he was talking about gaming. Larry Brom told me that you can't die with unpainted figures. That was right after he survived a heart attack.