Sunday, August 3, 2014

WIP: Another Update on my 28mm Sci-Fi APC

Well, since it is the only thing that I have going on, while working stupid hours at the day job (they just have no consideration for my hobby), here are the pics of the latest progress on my 28mm APCs.

The biggest accomplishment is that I've roughed out the suspension, I've also finished the basic hull shape and started working on a low profile turret.

The Hull with wheels, no track yet.

With a space marine and Copplestone scavenger for a scale.

Rear view

And, with the beginnings of a low profile turret.
I think that I'm going to cast the wheels and track links, rather than scratch-build them all.  Don't know that it will save much time, but will reduce the wear on my hands and fingers.

I still don't know what the heavy turret will actually look like, but I did work out a low profile turret, and think that I will go with three of those and one heavy per for the platoon.

I toyed around with retractable hull side weapons in the sponsons, and just don't like it.  Just seems like too much of a risk of armor integrity in combat, and just didn't like the look.  Not sure what I'll do with the weapon modules, maybe mount them in additions to my bunker, but don't know yet.

I've build up the side frames and cut most of the hull panels for the other three vehicles in the platoon, but want to work out details on the first APC before assembling the others

The project is moving along when I get a chance to work on it, just not much time for that lately.  I expect to detail the hull and finish the low profile turret for the next update.  Probably be a week or two.


  1. So how did you make those wheels/rollers on this?

  2. The wheels are about two hundred pieces of concentric styrene tube and rod. I Expect to add some bolt heads to them at some point to give them a little more sparkle. I am definitely going to make molds and cast the wheels for the other vehicles though. It will be much less wear and tear on my hands.