Sunday, July 21, 2013

Progress on Some Unfinished Business

As construction of the space bubble approached completion, I began to consider how I was going to paint it before final assembly, and realized that I didn't have enough space left on my painting tables to do so. So, I decided to finish up some of the seemingly endless projects taking up space in my shop area.

I've finished about fifty assorted vehicles, World War II and modern, over the last week or so, including over thirty Sherman tanks of various models.  I made masters of the Shermans circa 1990, and only assembled my first castings around 2009/2010.  Now, over twenty years later , they are finally done, pictured below with M2 and M3 half-tracks.

Included are early and late model M4A3s, M4A3E8s, a few Jumbos and 105s, M10s and M36s, and some cast hulled 76mm versions.  Eighty-three models in all.

Additionally, I rounded out a T72 company, some M151s, a few trucks, and probably the most interesting, a few more AA7A1 for my Marines.

After doing the first batch in the brain numbingly boring desert tan, I opted to make these more colorful, giving them a Nato three color pattern with the desert tan applique armor kits.

I've got a number of vehicles left yet, as well as a few things for 20mm Vietnam, a few aircraft, and more infantry for African imagi-nations. 

I know, not a whole lot of interesting stuff to show, but I've been having a blast, and am finally finishing stuff that has been setting around for years.

Probably be another week or so before I can get around to painting the space bubble.


  1. Replies
    1. Nice AAV's! And that is a cool collection. Lots of painting ahead....I know the feeling. I have to finish one project one at a time...that is how I getter done.


    2. Nice Shermans, even Nicer AAV's. Let me know when you are taking Orders again... ;)

  2. Thanks all. Been trying to cast inventory, but the humidity has been so high that I am having problems with the resin foaming. That is part of the reason that I'm getting so much of this other stuff done.

  3. Its really is pain in the ass when it does that - before I graduated, my last few casts went haywire solely cos some jackass had turned the air-moisture control device (or whatever the correct term for that is - anyway) into full throttle, and as I used our chemical "class", I found rather interesting ways to increase the floating capabilities of BTR-60; ofc by making them from sponge..