Friday, November 25, 2011

15mm M113A1 in Summer MERDC Camo

Well, after some frustration and then some help from  gamers on TMP and the Ambush Alley forums, I finished one of my M113 APCs in the MERDC Summer camo pattern.  According to U.S. Army Technical Bulletin TB 746-95-1, the pattern is called Summer USA and Europe - verdant, and consists of Forest green, Light green, Sand, and Black. 

Initially, I had some problems with the paint, so it ended up layered pretty thick. I was going to either strip them, or toss the castings, but settled down after a while and decided to try to save them.  Here is the first of my Cold war era M113A1s:

Though I intend to switch completely over to Vallejo paints, I used the following on this model:

Model Master Dark Green No. 1710   FS34879
Model Master Interior Green No. 1715   FS34151
Vallejo Dark Sand  No. 847
Vallejo Black 70950

Now the sand color that I used is somewhat lighter than the specified FS30277 (and looks even more washed out in the photos), but I remember the M113s and m109s at the armory, near where I used to live circa 1980, and they had a sand color that looked like a dirty white from the street.  I assume that they were faded, but whatever the case, they looked much lighter than the sand specified.  I also compared a number of photos in various books, and again, the sand color consistently looked  lighter than my bottle of Model Master Sand No. 1704, FS30277.

In any event, I have my first track done, and will finish at least a platoon with these colors, and maybe the entire company.