Monday, September 26, 2011


My AAV7A1 is done.  I actually got ahead of myself and took the pics before scribing some seams and adding the luggage racks on the hull.   So it isn't quite done in the pics, but is now complete and waiting to be put in the mold.  Here are the few pics of my 15mm AAV7A1 master almost finished: 

The AAV7A1 is a monster, as can be seen when compared to my Humvee.  The complete model will consist of four castings; two track sections, hull, and turret.  I'm hoping to have them available in the next two weeks (assuming no surprises in the casting process (probably just jinxed myself)).


  1. awesome man, just awesome ! if I hadn't already picked up some from deutchland I would be pickin these up :)

  2. Wow, these look great!
    Head on :)

  3. Amazing work. The in-progress pics of this model were what confirmed my idea to collect 15mm USMC in the first place. Good thing 15mms are cheap so I can pick up some more infantry and these amtracks to do gulf war scenarios. :)

  4. Fantastic stuff! Might have to grab a couple to use instead of the Humvees from time to time!