Sunday, December 12, 2010

Bridging the Apocalypse

The way it is working out, I guess I'm going to post weekly updates of my post-apoc terrain project, and here is yet another.

The work this weekend has centered around the raised highway, the bridge and underpass.  Most of the bridge and underpass construction is done, but there is quite a bit of detailing to do.  The Jersey barriers are roughed out, and though not seen in the photo, the guardrail sections are underway as well.

The bridge was constructed from various strips of blue foam cut on the bandsaw.  The decks and walls were then glued with a artist's matte medium, and held together during drying with straight pins.

I got some of the erosion damage done to the south section of the highway, but still haven't added the retaining walls.

A view under the bridges.

Still a ton of detail work to do.  Each end of the two spans is supported by three columns and a horizontal beam.  The columns were cut out of one inch square foam strips by tacking a 1" diameter washer to each end and cutting it round with a hot wire.  They ended up needing very little touch up and were much easier to cut than I had anticipated.

The photos above show battle damage to the southbound span of the bridge.   Tank gun scars, a bunch of pock marks from small arms, and an artillery shell hole through the deck of the span have taken their toll.  Eventually I will add lots of debris under the span from all of the fighting.  Most of the damage was made with a hobby knife and a hotwire "pen".

Last is a view with the southbound span removed, showing the columns.

Again, I won't get to do much if anything on the project through the week, but hope to finish the highway construction and ramp next weekend.


  1. Absolutely incredible.