Thursday, November 4, 2010

15mm M2A2 Progress

Though I'd post a few pics of the completed model, as the Bradley is coming along with production molds finally in progress. The basic plan is for a 4 piece kit, though the gun barrel may end up being a separate piece, as the deep undcuts on the turret make it a little challanging. I 've made molds with the barrel attached and separate, so we'll see how each one goes.

Below is a view of the assembled raw casting. I'm pretty happy with it overall.

And few pics of it primed, this one has a few blemishes, but came out pretty good overall. I've pretty much de-bugged the mold, but took a couple more tries than usual with the Bradley. I'm using a different method in the construction and molding of the turret, and the hull just has so many nubs, it took a couple of more tries than usual. The rebuild of the turret has lead to much better results with the castings.

As soon as I can go on a casting binge, I will make some available for sale. It will also finally be nice to have some serious rides for my figs. My US troops are tired of walking everywhere they go.


  1. wonderful... so I need 6 hummers and 4 or 8 or 10 of these for Xmas... ok there goes the savings!


  2. That is a lovely piece of work! Very professional-looking.


  3. Any news? I am waiting for paypal refund... and ity will be nice to give you some of those for Xmas in exchange for some Hummers and Bradleys...

  4. Have you considered Grabbing some of the Turned Brass Barrels from this site (bottom of page)

    As a Brit, I would happily pay for the bradley and you could supply the Brass Barrel as well, it saves me ordering two different companies and two seperate postage? So for example i would happily pay extra for the Bradley with the turned Brass Barrel? Looking at the picture at a Guess it would be SB3 or SB4 Barrel ? I'm sure if you order a fair few (like 20 or so he would give a discount?)