Tuesday, January 26, 2010

A Night of Casting

Early in 1992 I began making masters of US armored vehicles with intentions of casting a US army to add to my growing 15mm collection. As things turned out, it would almost 18 years before I finally started casting my army.

I purchased some Old Glory WWII US infantry about 4 years ago, painted a bunch at the time, but didn't finish them up until this past December. A couple of weekends back I finally got around to casting up my American armor.

In addition to a variety of M4 variants and some M2 and M3 halftracks, I cast a few of my new Peugeot P4 "jeeps" and a platoon of BTR-152s. The Shermans include early and late M4A3s, M4A1, M4A3E8, and a few M4A3E2 Jumbos.

I also cast some of the parts for platoons of M10 and M32 tank destroyers, and will finish these and castings to complete companies of each type of Sherman and halftrack in a couple of weeks (the next time I am likely to have a window to do some casting).

The castings were made from a combination of Vagabond and Alumalite resin in molds of Dow-Corning HS-III. They have been primed gray for the photos.

In all, I spent about five hours casting vehicles and will need another two hours to complete the remaining minis. Hopefully, it won't be another 18 years before I get them painted.


  1. Hey mate, I love your work, do you have any interest in sculpting up some T-80Us? The 15mm modern range out there is so limited at this time, and somone with your skills could fill it quite wonderfully i suspect.

    Hit me up at timrich@gmail.com if your interested

  2. I appreciate the compliment, but just have too much on my plate right now to add more masters to my "to do" list.