Saturday, July 18, 2015

On the Work Bench (7-15)

My plans for playing my African campaign game have been put off for a week (going to play a game at a friend's house tomorrow instead).  So I thought I'd babble briefly about things that I'm working on. 

This year, I've been bouncing between sci-fi/post-apoc and African imagi-nation projects, and right now my work table is mostly covered with sci-fi and post-apoc stuff. 

For Christmas, I got several Reaper figures, and despite being in the hobby for 30 plus years and having 15,000ish figs, these are my first Reaper figs.  Below are the first two that I've opened to paint.  At first, my thought was that the dude was too tall to work with my generally 28mm figs, but after posing them next to a couple older figs, while he is tall,  I think it was just that he is lean and so well sculpted that it created the illusion that he wouldn't fit. 

My wife isn't a gamer, so ordering figures is always a bit intimidating, but she said that Reaper was great to deal with, and that they shipped really fast at the peak of Xmas season, so I thought that I should share the good word, if a little late.

Next up, I solved a minor problem for my old Imperial Guard vehicles.  I hate sculpting/modeling/creating tires.  Just kind of boring and tedious, so I have been putting off making the tires for my IG scout cars.  While cleaning up, I found two old Humvee kits that were in the box for the last couple of decades, and decided that the wheels would work for the scout cars.  They are just slightly smaller than what I was going to make, but I have the right number of them, and they will save be about four days of building, mold making, casting and cleaning, which translates into like two months of irishserb hobby time.  Here's a pic of the wheels positioned next to one of the cars.

I think that they will work out well.  I just need to build the suspensions now.

Years ago, I painted up a couple of Kryomek Talos figs.  Originally, I saw them as an addition to my old IG figs, then painted them to be part of a sci-fi corporate army, and will probably end up just using them as alien critters of some sort.  I liked the figs, but wasn't crazy about the weapons, so I did some simple conversion work on the weapons. 

Anyway, a couple of years after painting the first two, I picked up a couple of more packs at a convention, but never did anything with them.  I recently came across them  after maybe 10 years on the shelf, and they have finally made it to my work table.  I'll probably modify the weapons similarly, and then try to figure out which gang/faction/army/race they belong to.  Ooh, have an idea, maybe they will fight for my old guard figs after all.

This is a hover-bot that I made a gazillion years ago.  It made it with the idea of using it as a security bot and maybe a sort of probe drone, but stopped working on it after becoming disenchanted with the base coat of paint. 

I still like the concept, but it wasn't well executed at the time.  I think I'm going to strip this down, update it and give it another try.  If it turns out, maybe update the master parts a little, make new molds and give another it another go.


  1. Try printing a set of wheels of various diameters on 3D printer. Then just select the correct diameter.