Monday, July 20, 2015

1/100, 15mm Models from Armaments In Miniature

I recently placed my first order with Armaments In Miniature for a couple of 1/100 scale planes for use with my African imagi-nations.  Let say that I am very happy with my order, and will definitely be ordering from them again. 

I received a 1/100 scale T-28 Trojan and  Dassault Ouragan.  The models are exceptionally well detailed and finely cast, as are the separate munitions that come with them.  I haven't painted them yet, but wanted to share my experience and excitement regarding my order.  Here are a few pix:

The T-28...
And the Ouragan...


Armaments In Miniature has a wonderful selection of WWII aircraft in 1/100 and 1/200, a smaller section of post war and modern aircraft in 1/100, 1/300 transports and bombers, 1/144 WWI balloons, vehicles, landing craft, decals airplane stands and gaming accessories.  The castings are beautiful and the price is very reasonable.  Armaments In Miniature can be reached at:


  1. really nice stuff, I probably need some when I will be again solvent...

  2. They look exceptionally cleanly cast!

  3. I know your high standards when it comes to resin castings, so for you to give such high praise must mean they are top notch!

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