Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Patience and Puppet Strings - The State of the Mugabia-Uwanda War

After Mugabia's advances beyond Pettu tribal territory were smashed by Uwandan forces, a brief period of quiet was enjoyed by all parties.  Uwanda reinforced it's positions along the border, as did Mugabia.  The ULF began receiving more weapons and training from Mugabia, and after a brief time, began attacking Uwandan interests. 

Attacks on Uwandan convoys initially saw great success, but tactics quickly evolved, putting the ULF attackers at much greater risk.  Several would be attacks met with no effect on the (now) fast moving convoys, and frequent air patrols greatly burdened ULF movement.  And, somewhat to the surprise of the ULF, popular support was not so great as expected.

In the air, a handful of intercepts took place, with a couple of aircraft lost and a few damaged, but the encounters were rare.  Still stinging from earlier losses, both sides were hesitant to risk air assets.

Uwandan leadership appealed on the world stage for support from the UN or a big brother, but world interest in this conflict was simply lacking, and all parties encouraged finding a non-military solution.  The conflict was a burden on the economy, and popular unrest at the overall lack of activity was growing.  Uwanda's President Danganyu decided that the time had come for Uwanda to take action,   But just what action to take, he was not yet so sure of...

On the other side of the border, Mugabia's President Upepomfuko, touting Pettu tribal unification and even liberation, was content to spend ULF lives to further his cause.  The border was well defended, and  Uwanda's international puppet masters were all spouting "peaceful solution" in the wake of the conflict.

Despite recent setbacks, potential internal enemies and the general population were under firm control.  New weapons were sought to replace losses, and in time new troops and weapons would be brought to bear.  For now, the puppets would be kept busy, their strings being pulled by the ULF.


  1. Nice background setting. I like the miniatures and terrain you have been building. I look forward to the next installment.

  2. Cool stuff Brian, but does this mean we will or won't see fighting soon? You know we need it ;)

    And I read about your health issues; I'm sorry to hear that, and I hope everything works out for you.


  3. As we speak, reports from the battlefield suggest that Uwanda's offensive is meeting with very stiff resistance.

    I'm improving every day, thanks.